I am passionate about digital media and show’s video technologies. My education has been focused on Electronics and Computer Graphics.

My career started 18 years ago and I grew up with the technology.

In the last 8 years I’m focused on video projection design, technical management and art direction.

My key abilities include:

• Video technician, technical manager, art director.

• 2D/3D motion graphics design and compositing.

• Media playout server expert. I’m a Dataton Watchout certified programmer , Pandora’s Box operator, Millumin and learning now d3.

• Beamer’s specialist (Christie, Barco, Digital Projection, Panasonic and Sanyo – Eiki).

• Interaction design with Arduino, Raspberry, Kinect, I-CubeX, Coolux AirScan, AirTouch, Oculus, VVVV, Touch Designer.